First Period Kit

Her Memory Box was created to celebrate girls who are going through this pivotal moment while making her feel special.


First Period Kit


HMB Pamphlet and Pen

A Girl's Guide to Growing is a simple way to inform girls about what's going on with their bodies and to help make it easier to communicate. It also has a monthly space on the back so that she can keep track of her menstrual cycle. A motivational poem is included.

Tea Cup and Green Tea

Every month a girl can grab her own personal mug from her first period kit and fill it with hot tea. The green tea may help soothe stomach pains during her menstrual cycle.

All Natural Pads and Reusable Satin Pouch

The pads are all natural cotton with no chemicals, no synthetics or dyes. The satin pouch is an easy, discreet way, during her menstrual cycle, for her to carry her pads and wipes.

Heart Bracelet

The heart bracelet symbolizes love. It is also a fashionable bracelet she can wear on her wrist to remind her that someone cares. 

Chocolate Stars

HMB wants all girls to shoot for the stars. They also get a sweet chocolate treat.

Lifetime Memory


First period kit has an educational pamphlet to inform girls of what's going on with their bodies

Her Memory Box's mission is to help inform girls about their bodies and make it a positive celebration.


First period kit will help facilitate conversations

Her Memory Box facilitates open conversation building a comfortable atmosphere to ask questions about the information inside of the first period kit. 

Lasting Impression

First period kit will leave a lasting impression

Her Memory Box will create the perfect opportunity to give a girl an experience that she will never forget. 


Her Memory Box

We, at Her Memory Box, know that many people can have a positive influence in a child's life. This first period kit can help a girl understand and deal with puberty and the changes that are happening in a positive way.


We want to empower, guide and celebrate the natural changes in a girl's life. We know that this moment will be a memory that she will never forget. This can be a delicate time and we want to make it an uplifting experience.  

Ingrid's Story

My name is Ingrid Gilmore and I started Her Memory Box because of my own experience. I was ten years old at the time, and I was playing kickball outside. I went into the house to use the bathroom and there was an unfamiliar spot. I told my sister and she tossed a sanitary napkin into the bathroom. Fortunately my mother always had a supply of pads, however, in my house periods were not really a topic of discussion. 

When my own daughter was coming of age I wanted her to feel prepared and loved. I placed the gift box in the back of the closet until that day.

If you know that it is approaching or if it has already come, this first period kit can help welcome this new transition. Let's aim to make the experience positive! 

A Helping Hand

Your support and contributions will enable us to help underprivileged girls in need throughout the community. We want to show them that we care! Your donation will fund our mission.

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Resources and information to go along with the first period kit

My Calendar - Period Tracker The tracking guide and the period calendar can help her keep track of her monthly period.

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Journal This is a place that a girl can write down her thoughts and and emotions on how she is feeling about her first menstrual cycle and her first period kit. She can also share her feelings with a trusted adult.

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Puberty | This is a reference so that adults and children can get the correct information about her menstrual cycle and the changes that are going through her body


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Veeda - Natural Hygiene Products Veeda is the brand of sanitary napkins that are provided inside of the first period kit.

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